How to Turn Scratched Discs into Beautiful Art


If you have a bunch of scratched compact discs sitting at home, then you have materials that you can turn into beautiful art!

You only need a handful of items to get started on this project.

• An old CD that’s scratched or unwanted.
• Acrylic color.
• A paintbrush and a pencil.
• Anything with a sharp point that can scratch the acrylic color.

Once you’ve collected all of the ingredients for this artistic recipe, you’re ready to begin following these steps.

Step #1: Paint the CD
The shiny side of the CD is what shows a rainbow of colors when sunlight hits it. That’s the side you want to paint. Apply the acrylic color to it using a thick layer so that it is easier to scratch in later steps. You must allow the paint to dry before moving on to the second step of this project.
The secret to a successful application is to use high-quality acrylic colors for this step. An entry-level paint product from the local crafting store may not go on as smoothly as you prefer. Natural brushes may leave fibers that need to be removed before going on to the next step.

Step #2: Draw a Design
Once the paint is dry, take your pencil and draw a design that you like on the CD. You can do something freehand or use a pattern found online. It helps to incorporate the middle hole of the disc to create something the seems realistic, such as a flower or a doughnut. Continue with this step until you are satisfied with your sketch.

Step #3: Scratch Out Your Design
Take the sharp object (a screwdriver works well) to scratch the color off of the CD according to your outline. You’ll want to avoid putting a lot of pressure on the tool because you must avoid scratching the disc during this step. Start very lightly, and then proceed with more weight until you get the result you want.

You can also scratch inside of the design to add more details so that it becomes visually attractive. It all depends on what you hope to accomplish with your artwork when completing this project. Continue on this step until you’ve scratched out the entire design.

Step #4: Place It on Your Wall
Once you’ve finished scratching out the design, the CDs are going to be ready to display as artwork. The easiest way to put them on your wall is to use some mounting putty on the back. You could also place a nail in the wall to hang the disc from its center. Tape, tac, and other options are also usable.

You can mount the CDs into a frame to protect the design if you prefer. Floating options that press the disc between two glass panes create a museum-like quality to the piece. You might even consider chaining them together to make a wind chime that you can display outside.

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