Why You Need a Slice of Raspberry Pi


If you love computers and gadgets, then you need to get yourself a slice of Raspberry Pi. Hobbyists are taking advantage of its computing functionality, but it is also quite capable of other uses for personal and professional needs.

It offers a low power factor, zero noise, solid-stage storage, and a tiny form factor as its primary benefits. That makes it a small, lightweight solution for someone who needs a server.

If you set up the Raspberry Pi to function as a miniature server, then you can manage several services while taking advantage of the following benefits.

1. It Has No Moving Parts
Raspberry Pi uses an SD card for storage with most of its designs. That means you receive fast access without having a spinning disc to manage. Many models don’t have fans or other moving items that you need to maintain over the life of the device. You’ll need to use specific storage cards to achieve the best results, but a compatibility chart comes with your purchase to simplify that process.

2. Improved Power Consumption
The typical Raspberry Pi setup draws 7 watts of electricity or less while functioning. That’s about 10% of what a standard full-size computer requires when using it. Since you’d be operating a server 24/7 with this equipment, the utility savings can add up quickly. Even if you estimate 1/10 of your expected computing needs, that’s several hundred dollars that’s suddenly available.

3. Size Considerations
You can fit the standard Raspberry Pi in the palm of your hand. That includes the case which contains all of the parts. That means you have the advantage of being able to integrate it into your other devices if you need more power. A full set of peripherals is also available, from cameras to monitors, enabling a customized setup for everyone without breaking the budget.

4. HDMI Graphics Included
The display port for the standard Raspberry Pi is HDMI-compatible. It handles a resolution of up to 1920p, giving you a capable video player to use straight out of the box. You also have the option for backward compatibility that allows for VGA conversions.

5. Cost Considerations
A Raspberry Pi is one of the most affordable options in its category. You can buy the essential equipment for a miniature server for under $50. Even if you want the latest model with all of the available features, the cost is going to be under $150 for most people. That’s why hobbyists are looking at this device as an option for all of their needs.

If you decide to try a slice of Raspberry Pi, then you’re joining a significant community that provides advice and support every day. You can find help for the GNU, Linux software, or the hardware in user forums. It also comes with overclocking capabilities if you experience performance issues with the apps you use. Although the RAM isn’t upgradable on most models, you’ll discover that this affordable addition to your electronics portfolio is an investment that makes sense.

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