How to Listen to Audiobooks for Free


Listening to audiobooks is an affordable way to learn something new each day. The only problem with this tool is that it can be expensive. Most titles have a price that is equal to, if not greater, than the physical copy of the book.

If you want to take advantage of this asset without breaking your budget, then knowing how to listen to audiobooks for free is essential knowledge. Here are some resources for you to bookmark so that you can take advantage of what this tool can do today.

Best Places for Free Audiobooks Online

1. Lit2Go
This website provides short stories, poems, plays, and audiobooks that you can access for free. Each title comes with its playtime, the word count, and citation information if you need it. A few of the downloads include a PDF that allows you to read-along with the file as it plays.

2. Loyal Books
This site offers free audiobooks for titles that are currently available in the public domain. That means you can access a lot of the classics when you want to listen to a story, including options like The Return of Sherlock Holmes or Paradise Lost. The platform even allows you to submit reviews about the downloads you choose.

3. Open Culture
If you choose this platform, then you can take advantage of the compilation features it offers. The site goes through all of the other places that provide free audiobooks online so that you can access them from a single location. Along with the public domain classics that are frequently available, you’ll find titles from Maya Angelou, Ray Bradbury, and Neil Gaiman ready for your listening pleasure.

4. OverDrive
The advantage you’ll receive by choosing this platform is the option to work with local libraries when you want to listen to free audiobooks. When the titles from their partners get counted with what is available through the site, then you’ll have access to over two million videos and audio files. Even the latest releases from the industry are available here, and all of them are free.

You can even listen to the Harry Potter series if you have an account with this platform.

5. Scribl
If you prefer to listen to the latest audiobook releases only, then this website is one that you’ll want to consider using. Most of the files have the authors reading the book by themselves. The tracks are also provided in a serialized format, which means you can listen to each title in small chunks based on the time that you have available.

6. Spotify
The surprising option on this list comes from the music streaming powerhouse. Take a look at the app’s playlist for audiobooks because there are thousands of them available. You can listen to anything online for free, although there are some advertisements to get through when using this option.

Listening to audiobooks is a fantastic way to learn something new each day. Choose the free provider from this list that meets your needs, and then enjoy the benefits that come with each download!

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