Best Inspirational Audiobooks for Your Collection


If you’re stuck at home unexpectedly, then it can be a struggle to find the motivation to do anything. When you add in the extra responsibilities of juggling a job, a relationship, and long-distance socializing, then finding time to take care of yourself can seem like an impossible task.

Finding the motivation to improve yourself because you want to take care of who you are might be a difficult first step to take – but it isn’t impossible. Listening to one of the best inspirational audiobooks can help you to multitask self-care with everything else that you do.

Here are some of the best inspirational audiobooks to consider adding to your collection today.

1. No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work
This audiobook helps you to discover the challenging feelings that happen when you deal with your professional responsibilities each day. Should you send an email late at night because it makes you look dedicated to the job, or does that action come across as unprofessional? The authors take apart the complexities that you face daily to help you survive the modern work environment.

2. Remember This When You’re Sad
Some days are exceptional and get cherished forever. Then there are the times when you’d like to forget everything that happened, If you have lots of sad, mad, or glad days that go beyond the average, then this inspirational audiobook can help you out. The author went through an intense mental health crisis at the age of 27, and this listening opportunity can help you to learn the lessons that she had to figure out the hard way.

3. Quiet: Learning to Silence the Chatter and Believing that You’re Good Enough
The author reads this audiobook in an engaging manner, instantly hooking your attention. The content works to lift the listener out of the self-hate or self-doubt that can hold you back from the successes that you want in life. You’ll examine the various reasons why you start to second-guess your choices, find ways to accept your flaws, and have the courage to keep moving forward. If you have an inner critic that you’d like to silence, then this is the investment for you.

4. Calm the F**k Down
If you want to regain more control in your life, then this audiobook works to help you accept the things you can’t manage. The overall goal is to help you to stop freaking out so that life can continue. It’s the perfect listening experience for anyone who must cope with high levels of anxiety frequently. You’ll receive practical coping skills that you can implement immediately so that you can bounce back instead of wallowing in your worry.

Audiobooks are the perfect way to help yourself through challenging times when you’ve got multiple tasks on your daily itinerary. Download your favorite title today, keep an open mind while listening, and you may find some unique ways to create the changes in your life that you want to see.

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