Apple Releases Audiobooks for Free to Help with Stay-at-Home Orders


Coronavirus infections and COVID-19 cases caused governments around the world to issue stay-at-home orders for numerous communities. Hundreds of millions of people are suddenly stuck, many without jobs, and becoming bored because there isn’t much to do.

More people are out walking their dogs or taking a stroll around their neighborhood than in the past. It’s also a fantastic time to start listening to audiobooks.

Apple has heard the need to stop boredom in its tracks during the difficult months of 2020 as everyone deals with this virus. The company is offering numerous audiobooks for free, along with several e-book titles, to encourage more people to stay inside during the era of social distancing.

Free Content Is a Limited Time Offer from Apple

You won’t have the option to download free content like this from Apple Books indefinitely. The titles available for audiobook or e-book downloads are an option for a limited time only.

If you have an iOS device or use Apple products at home, then you can access the current selection of free titles from your account. You must make sure that you’re using the latest version of the store before beginning.
Then click or tap on the Book Store option to discover the free audiobooks and other miscellaneous content items that are waiting for you.

You can discover all of the titles in the Free Books section.

Other Ways to Access Free Audiobooks Today

If you didn’t find any audiobooks that seemed interesting when searching through the list made available by Apple, then several other organizations are also making their content free during the coronavirus self-isolating time the world is experiencing.

Amazon Audible is the go-to resource for anyone who wants to find some children’s audiobooks to keep the kids entertained while they are home from school. You can find the current list of available titles published on the company’s Stories portion of the website.
You can also subscribe to Audible today for about $8 per month. This investment gives you access to some exclusive members-only deals that include up to a 70% discount on future titles you might want to download. It even provides an opportunity to swap audiobooks with another person so that you don’t have to buy each one.

Audible also gives you a credit each month that enables you to download any audiobook, regardless of the price.

If you prefer video-related content instead of audiobooks, then HBO is offering over 500 hours of content for consumers without a subscription to the service. When you’re missing out on sports during the COVID-19 era, the WWE Network has you covered with hundreds of hours of free content. Other premium services are offering trials that last from 7 to 30 days to add some variety to your routine.

Boredom can set in when you’ve got a severe case of cabin fever. Life might start returning to normal in the coming months, but the plethora of free content that’s available now is a fantastic way to pass the time.

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