A Step-By-Step Look at How to Create an Audiobook


If you are an author with a published book, then you should have an audiobook available for your customers. No other literary format has the highest year-over-year growth since 2016.

People are in the habit of listening to audio learning opportunities and entertainment. Whether it is the radio, a podcast, or a streaming service, we’re accustomed to having something on in the background. An audiobook is a fantastic way to expand your sales while uniquely meeting this need.

Over 80 million people listen to at least one audiobook each year – and that’s only in the United States! The average consumer purchases 15 titles for their listening needs each year.
That’s why you’ll want to follow these steps to start creating an audiobook from your published title today.

How to Make an Audiobook

The first step is to obtain the equipment needed to create an audiobook. You must have a good microphone, a pop screen that minimizes the plosives from language, and a DAW like GarageBand for editing and mastering. Then here are the other considerations you must pursue.

1. Spatial Setup
Make sure that your equipment is in a spot that’s suitable for reading. Before you begin, it helps to make sure everything works correctly. Take the time to dampen any hard surfaces, keep pets and kids out of the room, and turn off the heating or cooling vents.

2. Record Your Audio
Recording an audiobook means reading tens of thousands of words. It will likely take a few sessions over a week or so to finish the job. You’re going to want some water handy because your mouth gets dry quickly. Have some lip balm available, and then look for ways to keep them from getting dehydrated. It can help to eat some potato chips before recording.

3. Hire Someone to Master It
Although you can master the audio at home, it helps to hire a professional to complete this work for your audiobook. Pros know how to balance the tone and frequencies in your voice to ensure the file has the consistency that you want for the title. They can also pick up the background noises that inadvertently creep into the recording from time to time. You can hire a freelancer for this task online if a local agency isn’t available.

4. Get Your Cover Ready
If you distribute your audiobook over multiple platforms, then you may need to modify the cover of your title to accommodate some specific needs. ACX has a different standard to meet than Kindle, and traditional publishers may have some particular options to meet before they accept your work. Then upload the files, choose your category, and your work will be ready for review.

Most platforms will review your audiobook in its entirety before allowing it to be sold or distributed on its site. Allow for a minimum of 72 hours for this process to complete. Then you’ll get to take advantage of this incredible literary format!

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