Everybody loves a new box of crayons to create with or a new kit to enjoy, but sometimes it’s nice to do activities on the spur of the moment.  Especially, if you have what you need on hand. 

How about a spinner?  Basically, a flat disk with a loop of string through two holes.  To use one, you hook a finger on each hand in the loop, with the disk in the middle.  Start twirling the disk around until you get a bunch of twists in your string.  Once you do, pull your hands apart to start the disk spinning.  As twists start forming the other direction, allow your hands to start coming closer.  Before losing all the momentum, slowly pull your hands back out.  Keep moving your hands in and out to see how long you can keep it spinning. 

If you want to be creative, a 3 to 4 inch disk works nicely.  That will give you space to color and make designs.  What do you have on hand?  A couple of circles cut from a cereal box?  Glue those together, with the blank side out.  A circle cut from a packing box or a shoe box?  No cardboard?  How about several layers of cardstock glued together.  Six works nicely.  Or a plastic lid, trimmed down to size, like a sour cream lid.  Color and decorate on two circles of paper and glue those to your disk. 

Once you’ve created your disk, punch two holes in it, like a button.  Add a loop of string or yarn through the holes.  Be sure to tie it to form the loop.  You’re now ready to try spinning your disk.  Speaking of buttons, you can skip being creative and just use a button.  A button about an inch works.  Just use a light weight string, like crochet thread or dental floss.  Tips:  Cotton based string usually works better than yarn.  If your disk seems to be too lightweight, add another layer or try paperclips.  Just be careful your paperclips don’t go flying off!  

How long can you keep spinning?  Have a spin-off with a friend?  Have fun.

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