Best Items to Have in Your Art Studio Right Now


Most creative people don’t see themselves as artists, especially when they first embrace their craft. Some even feel like they don’t deserve to have a studio or a space of their own to work. When you must spend a portion of your time setting up your equipment and retrieving your tools, then the effort to make something seems like too much of a hassle.

Even if you only have a corner of a room to use, then you’ve got space for a studio. Once you have that area, then these are the essential items you’ll want to have available when a creative mood strikes.

List of the Essential Tools for Artists

1. Paints and Brushes
If you are a painter, then you need these items. It’s a self-explanatory requirement. You’ll find that you use a lot of white and black paint over the other colors, which means it is helpful to stock up on those items. Use natural hair brushes whenever possible for a more seamless stroke.

2. Easels
Every artist should have an easel, even if they don’t consider themselves to be a painter. This useful tool can display photographs, serve as a stand, and handle several other tasks that you may need to complete.

3. Comfortable Seating
It is not unusual for artists to stay on their feet continuously while working. Once the adrenaline from your creative energy fades, it helps to have a comfortable place to sit. Your muscles will thank you for the relief!

This option can also give you a new perspective of your artwork, giving you the chance to review it before proceeding. It can also be a fun place to read a book or stream a favorite show.

4. Computer Desk
Most artists work from a computer image or graphic design that’s found online. If you have a desk for your computer or laptop, then you’ll have this tool available when you need it. It’s also handy for those times when you want to upload what you’ve made so that others can see it.

5. Music
Some artists like to work in quiet environments. If that’s you, then skip this essential tool. When you prefer to create with some music in the background, then having a speaker available that’s independent of your computing hardware lets you create the perfect environment.

6. Storage Shelves
Although some artists are highly organized people who categorize everything, most end up tossing stuff into piles for safekeeping. Adding a few shelves to your workspace can get your supplies out of the way without forcing you to put a lot of effort into the process. You’ll want a separate space for any materials that you use that could be flammable.

7. Light
If your studio doesn’t have a window, then natural lighting is a helpful addition to the space you use to create. Natural sunrise clocks and similar technology can help you to feel more like you’re outside.

What are your favorite tools to use when you create something?

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